Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Opera Mobile & Mini

Here I want to share about the great browser for your S60v5 called Opera Mobile and Opera Mini.

What differences of Opera Mobile and Mini?

Opera Mobile:
-Support multi tabs pages like you use on PC or Mac.
-Faster browsing.
-Came with Opera qwerty Keyboard.
-Easy bookmarks.
-Easy to choose where to save or download file location.
-It smarter way to browsing the internet via your mobile.

Opera Mini:
-More compact and lite.
-Multi pages. (but diffrent gui)
-Faster browsing.
-Easy bookmarks.
-Basically same as Opera Mobile but diffrent GUI and more lite.

What I will prefer? The answer is both. I like both of this Opera version. But I always use the Opera Mobile, it more easy to use the Multi Tab page and save my downloaded files.

No more BETA!!! Full Version.
Opera Mini 5
Opera Mobile 10


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