Saturday, March 27, 2010

Android 2.1 Update for GDesk

Nexus One on Nokia 5230 Update.
- Unzip .rar files.
- Copy all the .rar content file on your Mobile Memory Card.
- Put it on E:/+GDesk. (E:/ is for you memory card).
- Install all sis file that you found on Gdesk v0.33g Install SIS folder.
- After finishing install. Open gDesk and tap on the screen choose design.
- Find where you put the gdd file. (E:/+GDesk)
- Your done.

- If you have missing skin. ReSkin it back. Included with this download.

nUnlock FREE

Want to use nUnlock for FREE.
What is nUnlock?
-Lock Screen look alike iPhone lock screen for S60v5.
-This version is cracked.
-Buy if you can is better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Opera Mobile & Mini

Here I want to share about the great browser for your S60v5 called Opera Mobile and Opera Mini.

What differences of Opera Mobile and Mini?

Opera Mobile:
-Support multi tabs pages like you use on PC or Mac.
-Faster browsing.
-Came with Opera qwerty Keyboard.
-Easy bookmarks.
-Easy to choose where to save or download file location.
-It smarter way to browsing the internet via your mobile.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Hack Nokia 5230

If you have used a symbian smartphone before you may be aware that Nokia has introduced a cumbersome signing process as a security measure to install apps, games and themes. To get rid of it the only solution is hacking your cellphone. Hacking lets you install all the applications, games and themes directly without signing. There is a very cool free application to do this task called Helloox2 but it is unsigned so you will need to sign it first before installation. Follow the simple procedure with screenshots to hack your Nokia 5230 smartphone.
Nokia 5230   Hack
Screenshot 1

Friday, March 05, 2010

uBuntu New 'Light' Themes

Beginning with the release of Lucid Lynx (10.04 LTS), which is expected to hit PCs at the end of April, Ubuntu's UI will no longer look like it came about as a result of a bad accident in the ladies room. Gone are the days of overly suffocating brown-ness. From here onward, Ubuntu will come in a new theme, called "Light."
The official word was posted on Ubuntu's Wiki. The new theme has more of a professional, 21st century feel to it. However, the overall look and layout of the OS hasn't changed much. The few differences are sure to be welcomed by the Linux community, but many won't think it's enough to push Ubuntu into more mainstream computing.
"The new style of Ubuntu is driven by the theme 'Light'. We've developed a comprehensive set of visual guidelines and treatments that reflect that style, and are updating key assets like the logo accordingly. The new theme takes effect in 10.04 LTS and will define our look and feel for several years."

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What happen to is now not for torrent user, you cannot find any TV Series, Movies, Games and other stuff like before. Mininova is it limit to Content Distribution service. Now you can only find a really FREE content (like open source maybe). NO more PIRATE ok...many user wanna say Bye-bye... thank you Mininova for the good old time. But sure after this the site will going down and traffic for the site will be less user. I hope Mininova will provide good thing like the open source (maybe not for torrent, maybe usefull for direct download). by the way thank you again.

Mininova limits its activities to Content Distribution service

ChromiFox Extreme 3.6

This article is been update from Firefox Or Chrome? article.

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