Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gdesk is now v0.34 Update on 09.04.2010

Gdesk is now v0.34 Update on 09.04.2010. The new release from DeadMoroz. I been used Gdesk almost 3 months and I like it so much. It became Home Screen replacing for my Nokia 5230.

Changes since 0.33g:
* Color dialog for landscape mode fix
* Missed call action for S60v3.0 fix
* Menu color options added (menu, menu outline, menu highlight, menu hightlight outline)
* InfoView more font sizes added
* Bitmapped digital clock updates fix
* Dialer app launch on S60v5 fix
* Fullscreen landscape mode fix

iPhone 4.0 Home Screen

HTC sense, Android and iPhone OS in one places. Fix icon with 76x76, Missing Called indicator and live Clock on iPhone icon. Using Gdesk v0.34 the newest version. Ready for taste. :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

iPhone and Nexus One SlideUnlock

Here a Themes for SlideUnlock v.1.14 application S60v5.

Nexus One.
Nexus One:
-Open using X-Plore.
-Go to:
-Create New Folder name it into Nexus One.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPhone on Nokia 5230

I Just make iPhone Home Screen for my Nokia 5230. From Nexus One Home Screen goes to iPhone Home Screen.

- Unzip .rar files.
- Copy all the .rar content file on your Mobile Memory Card.
- Put it on E:/+GDesk. (E:/ is for you memory card).
- Install all sis file that you found on Gdesk v0.34g(pre3) Install SIS folder.
- After finishing install. Open gDesk and tap on the screen choose design.
- Find where you put the gdd file. (E:/+GDesk)
- Your done.