Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPhone on Nokia 5230

I Just make iPhone Home Screen for my Nokia 5230. From Nexus One Home Screen goes to iPhone Home Screen.

- Unzip .rar files.
- Copy all the .rar content file on your Mobile Memory Card.
- Put it on E:/+GDesk. (E:/ is for you memory card).
- Install all sis file that you found on Gdesk v0.34g(pre3) Install SIS folder.
- After finishing install. Open gDesk and tap on the screen choose design.
- Find where you put the gdd file. (E:/+GDesk)
- Your done.

After load the design. Tap on the screen and choose option and tick this option:
-Replace Main
-Full Screen
-Orientation - Portrait
-Hide title caption
-Disable menu tap.

-Install The SlideUnlock for the iPhone Look like screen lock.
Replace after installation. Open using X-Plore.

- Recommended Gdesk v0.34g(pre3).
- Icon 72x72 for Thumb size (without using stylus pen to operate).
- 3 Different home screen (1080x640 wallpaper).
- iPad iPhone look alike.
- Add your own icon, by editing.
- Landscape mode can be turn on or off(in full version).


Gdesk v0.34g(pre3) is unsigned. Please sign it or hack your phone HERE or download it here from the developer site.


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    it keeps on saying missing app what do i do

  2. The missing app mean, the shortcut for that app was not found, you dont have or not install it. You need to have a specific app like iSMS and other apps that i used. You can change it by modify it to urs apps.

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hi, i would really like to setup my 5230 to use this iphone look alike but when i download iphone.rar it doesnt do3wnload correctly as it says 1.4MB and the file size is only 1kb. please help me.

  4. Sorry about that mate, other user want to download has the same problem but it just temporary with the ziddu server I think. If I can find another web like ziddu I will change it, Right now ziddu only give me a small benefit.

    Solution try use other web browser as google chrome. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous8:22 PM

    the app says certificate error.

  6. You need to hack your phone, because the app certificate is expired or you can find other app in the net that still have not expired. Better hack you phone it easy.

    (Blog Update: Sorry mate, been bz for a while, I will upload a New iPhone with HTC android combination Home Screen later)

  7. Anonymous11:03 PM

    the gdesk app wont open

  8. Anonymous5:37 AM

    how do u unistall

  9. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I hacked my phone and the app still says certificate error

  10. Jeffrey6:38 AM

    How would you edit/add/delete the shortcuts? I have Photoshop CS5 (trial).

    This theme is pretty cool, so much better than the original UI

  11. Anonymous3:31 PM

    How can i hack my phone cuz the app says certificate error.

  12. Uninstall just go to application manager and uninstall gdesk with all the plugin.

    After hacking and every restart or turn on you phone, you must do this for certificate error:
    Once you installed you will get ROMPatcher Application in the “Installed apps” folder. We need to Enable the “Installserve_FP2″ and “open4all” patches. Before the hack works!!!

    Jeffry, to edit/add/delete you must enable the menu tap, after that tap on screen and choose design.

  13. Anonymous9:08 PM

    where is the gdd file on that video?

  14. hey muffler pal..after chosing design in the initial stages ..what should i do next !!

  15. LOOK MUFFLER...the procedure you have written is appreciable but its tooo complex,one can hardly perform these tasks ...So i want you too make this cool technology more easier to understand by posting a VIDEO TUTORIAL ...i know its a bit difficult plz publish it in youtube or in the same site ......looking forward for a positive reply........Haseeb

  16. Anonymous10:57 PM

    were r the rar fiiles

  17. Hey,

    Haseeb Ullah, thanks for the comment. I can't make new tutorial right now or in the future. Really busy working. The instruction is the best for right now, I know gdesk is hard to use personally for me, for the first time. But I hope I can make new easy tutorial and I hope gdesk developer will combine the plug in and the apps for easy user use. Im just the designer using this apps.

    p.s:Sorry for the late Reply, Been bz working.

  18. **After finishing install. Open gDesk and tap on the screen choose design. **................

    after tapping design what should be done next......
    (does the phone needs to be hacked or not...for using gdesk )

  19. - After finishing install. Open gDesk and tap on the screen choose design.
    1)....what should be done next after choosing design........
    2)...the phone should be hacked before or after using gdesk ?
    3) it neceessary to download iphone file ?.........

  20. will the installing root cert very fast? CUS i installing and its very slowwwwwww

  21. Haseeb Ullah, 1)After choosing design, and choose load design, Find where you put the gdd file. (E:/+GDesk). I forgot the step number 6 Choose Load Design. (UPDATE)

    2)The phone must be hack before using gdesk, because the certificate expired issued.

    3)The iphone file is for the themes to load.

    Joel, When I first install it, it run smoothly.

  22. Anonymous10:56 PM


    I have a question about Nokia 5230 phone. There is a way to avoid to pay extra for text messaging, for instance, an app allows you to send text message via internet....

    Also can I go back to its original home screen once I installed the iphone sceen? and How do you compare iphone screen vs. Nexus screen?


  23. Heyy!!is this a joke or wat??i have been a waiting for almost two days but still the cert is not applied!!what the hell is this!!!!

  24. I don't know what happen, but try asking Opda people. When I applied the certf. for the first timer, they just give me half a day. That my experience.

  25. i applied almost 3 days now and still no certificate...i tried deleting my application now and apply for new one...i hope they send me my cert asap

  26. Hi Muffler, I installed it on my 5233 'n it's working just fine but I have a question: how can I enable the menu tap once I have disabled it in the options menu?

  27. how to i turn it back to regular nokia menu?

  28. hello there! can you tell me the unlock code for nokia 5230. I live in kosovo and we use the MONACO mobitel.

  29. Anonymous2:00 AM

    hheeyy pls,, can u help me to find out how to convert the rar file to sis file,, it shows always rar file and im not able to open it. can u tell me where to open this file? Please!! your vid was veryadorable ,,, but do you have any other vid to show the installation. it would be very useful for anyone. Thanx!!!

  30. its fake .. not at all working

  31. After taping load design on gdesk can't load "Iphone.gdd"
    what can i do now?

    waiting for your reply

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