Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Desktop for a Web - Online

A Desktop for a Web

Today we gonna talk about new excitment thing in web browser.
I have found a desktop for a web from

-The qWikiOffice Web Desktop is an open source project committed to providing an online experience that is unique and user friendly.
-Ajax technology combined with the EXT-JS library and cutting edge graphics allow qWikiOffice and the web applications within to behave similar to a desktop environment. Link

Start menu function(the taskbar was great fell like in your system)

Can customize your own desktop online

The translation most like vista

Can open many windows tab just like real PC but this is online version

"We wanted to create online applications with all the bells and whistles that a desktop version would have, while being able to provide an easily recognizable environment to the end user. A desktop environment does this and also allows us to easily offer many applications within a single web page."

This idea was great for user to check out a new programs that only virtual used on the web and available to test it without any risk. Maybe the concept of building this virtual desktop within online is for testing a program / software that you want with out test it on you computer system but test it online. In this demo not commercial yet and nothing many to play with just a basic desktop. Maybe in the further it more allot cooler. The demo can be tested in this Link.

Congratulation for the developer for a making a such great online product that user can feel every thing in desktop like a real desktop i like to see it more soon.

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