Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SONY hack

if you need to find a bundle of firmware, camera driver, acoustic driver or any thing you wan to do with hacking your won sony mobile you can visit this web site


if you want to download just register it for free..
language choose english if you dont understand cz language or choose other language.

credits for the web site builder for thankx for the very good contain.


  1. salam bro..tgk topic2 flash k750i ke w800i cam best je leh ajar x??pkai k750i ni.tgk dlm thread len2 sume xpaham ape

  2. masa nie aku blm try lg ubh k750i aku pg w800i sbb bnyak perlu di sediakan.

    tp klu bro nak try. try dulu hack2 skit2 k750..
    pastu bleh try convert k pg w tu..