Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Rapidshare N Some Income

Important Warning!
*WARNING* Do not download files from users saying its a file that gives you a account! They just earn points from you so that they can get a free rapidsharefree account

The sad truth is that nobody will give you a free account because there is always someone that changes the password!a long search for free rapidshare
accounts I finally discovered the BEST way of getting one for free! By joining (for free) the website below you will get your rapidshare account easily!

How it works???
You get paid by clicking 30 second advertisements! Because companies are not allowed to spam everywhere to advertise,they pay us to view their ads!

Just follow a few easy steps and you will get your own rapidshare premium account! I have already my own rapidshare account(s) without asking from others and also a few extra bucks!! I am making about 7 dollars every day and soon I will be making 20!

Step 1
Visit AlertPay (click link)

Step 2
Create an AlertPay account (creating an account is free!)
NO credit cards required!
(note: you need an AlertPay account to receive the money you earn)

Step 3
Visit the advertisement website (click link) to Sign up for free!

It is a trusted website that really pays you! Have fun with your free rapidshare account! Try it! Too good to be true? You got nothing to lose only to earn!

comment : already tried it and have some buy rapidshare premium account and can transfer to alertpay for some additional income. have fun.

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